SCAM ALERT: Be advised of spoof text messages, automated calls requesting private information

April 23, 2012
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CORTLAND (4/23/12) – Spoof text messages and automated phone calls, purportedly sent on behalf of Cortland Banks are being sent out to customers of the Bank and others who are not customers of the bank. The spoof message is believed to be a SCAM program targeting a mass number of recipients and is believed to have occurred on Saturday April 21, and Sunday, April 22, 2012.   

The text messages and automated calls prompt the recipient to call a phone number and enter the ATM/Debit Card and PIN number. The scam is alerting recipients that their card has been deactivated.

“In this scam, a victim receives a text message and/or an automated phone call from an unrecognized number, claiming to be a bank. These messages are sent to the masses, which reach customers and non-customers. The scam artist uses the first four digits of a bank’s ATM/Debit Card in order to gain acceptance and recognition from the recipient,” said Charles J. Commons, Vice President and Director of Security at Cortland Banks.

Mr. Commons, further commenting on this incident notes, “Cortland Banks did not originate these text messages or automated calls and does not request confidential account information from customers through text, email or any other automated means of communication.” Mr. Commons advises anyone receiving an unsolicited text or automated phone call to contact the Bank directly. “Do not call the number and do not provide confidential account information”, urges Mr. Commons.

If you receive an unsolicited text message or automated phone call, which is claiming to be originated from Cortland Banks, or if you have entered your card information, please contact Cortland Banks Security immediately at 330.282.4113 (Charles Commons) and 330.282.4114 (Russell Taylor).

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Charles J. Commons
Vice President & Director of Security
Cortland Banks                                                                                              

Visit our Security page for up-to-date security information.
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